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Brief description of our activity



The industrial and building company  PROFISTROI was found in 2000. It joins together specialists having solid experience in performance of building and erection works.
The company deals with the building and rebuilding of buildings and constructions, the building of storage, commercial and office complexes, with the arrangement of outer and inner utilities and service lines, the building of  pipelines of  various diameter and destination , with the repair of office and living premises, the building of country houses and villages.
The advanced materials and the latest technologies are used in the performance of the works.
The company administration maintains long-term time-proved communications with building and design organizations of every description in St. Petersburg and the North-West Region.
Our company has reliable suppliers of the whole spectrum of construction materials in Russia and abroad.
The organization consists of workers of different building specialties what permits to perform a large and comprehensive building and construction work content in the shortest possible time.
There is all necessary equipment for work performance, small scale mechanization facilities, a production basis, a metalware shop and the territory for storage of necessary materials and finished product.
We are ready for cooperation in the field of construction, production and supplying of construction materials, of the introduction and using of latest technologies.
There are all necessary admissions and licenses according to Russian legislation for performing building and construction works.



Annually we build and rebuild industrial, administrative, commercial, storage and administrative and amenity buildings and sport structures - about 50, 000 sq.m.
We perform earthwork, removal and utilization of different categories of soil - about 30, 000 sq. m.
We perform repair and rebuilding of office premises, shops and pavilions, premises for caf? and restaurants: engineering, conformation, design, ventilation, conditioning, electrics, sanitary engineering - about 10,000 sq. m.
We build country houses, cottages, townhouses, construct drain systems, local and storm sewages, make improvement of territories, asphalting and paving with paving slabs, erect fences and obstacles, make lighting and video surveillance at sites.
We perform flashing works and basement warming.



Our company actively applies and introduces modern energy-saving technologies.
Energy saving now becomes one of the priorities of any company working in the  field of manufacturing, building and servicing.
Our company actively applies and introduces modern energy saving technologies. Energy saving now becomes one of the priorities for policy of any company working in the field of manufacturing, building and servicing.  That is not only the case of ecological requirements but also of a pragmatic business factor.
In Russia now the question is raised about using renewable energy sources, earth, water, sun and wind energy.
The country faces the acute problem of processing wastes of farming operations and processing industry.
We propose and are ready to introduce and build biogas plants for production of electric energy, heating and hot water supply.
We introduce technologies for poultry farming and animal breeding waste conversion using grown bacteria producing a good organic fertilizer.
For processing industrial and domestic waste, we propose modern technologies and building of waste processing ecological complexes.
For private sector and commercial organizations, we propose power supply and heating systems, namely solar batteries, windpower plants, mini- hydroelectric stations, heat pump units for heat generation from earth, water and air.
We are ready to cooperate with manufacturers and suppliers of modern technologies in different fields. We have the opportunity to sell production at our market and are ready to open joint manufacture in the territory of Russia.



We offer cooperation to investment companies, banks, venture capital funds and private investors to invest in building projects, namely in the construction of residential and commercial buildings and structures based on modern technologies, country building as well as the projects for introducing the latest technologies and materials in building and manufacturing field.
Lines of cooperation:
- implementation of building projects in St. Petersburg, the Tver Region, the North-West Region of Russia;
- buyout of incomplete construction projects in St. Petersburg, the Leningrad Region, the Moscow Region and in the North-West Region of Russia to complete the projects and their commissioning;
- building of economy class villa communities in any region of Russia and CIS countries introducing modern energy saving, heating, ventilation and conditioning  technologies;
-   we will consider any requests and applications for implementation of building projects and projects for introducing modern technologies in construction and industry.
We shall reach mutual understanding on all issues.